A Big Hello to all the readers!!!


In this world of Digital thoughts, I came across many digital ideas, some were implementable and some were not. As I was born in a middle class family, I have faced challenges. Had faced problems of life, have crossed the toughest hurdles. After that had a higher education and life moved on, some day I found myself employed in a top most MNC. All of these combined and made my mind a game changing one. I have faced many issues with Parking. Parking as in parking my car. I faced problem with finding proper place to park, high misleading charges, and above all nobody was even trying to come up with a solution. At that point of time, I myself decided to bring up with an idea of Digital Parking Solution. The urge of becoming an Entrepreneur and a hope of providing people with a parking solution made me sail in the ocean with a ship named ‘OPPRSS’ – and the tides of Digitization is making our ship sail. And with the support of the people seeking for a solution for parking, we will reach the shores sooner.

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